outDWELLing COVID-19

We know many of our friends and clients all over the world are going through an unbelievably...
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How is an Ebus going to affect your real estate?

Did you realize that there are a few Ebus (electrical bus) lines swishing through Jerusalem?...
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Why is the Israeli Property Market so stubborn?

If you're one of the people that believe that sooner or later the prices will go down (I...
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Sell smarter from being knowledgeable beforehand and not from experience:

Before you put your property on the market check the following points: - Do you have...
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Ever wondered? The Foundation of the Shaarei Chessed Neighborhood:

The initiators and founders of the neighborhood were the heads of the General Gemach...
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Timing is Key

If you want to buy a property in TLV whether it's a small Pied-à-terre or a luxurious...
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“Intelligence in RETROSPECTIVE is NOT intelligence” (common hebrew saying)

Betterment tax (known also as “Capital Gains Tax” or “improvement tax”) is a tax...
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Is the imploded bubble period, a good time to buy in Israel?

Well, in general the last couple of decades have proven that buying property in Israel has...
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Take these variables into consideration when trying to figure out how fast your home will...
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