Probably the most functional of most arts, at DWELL we relate to architecture not only as an art, but as an art at the service of man. In our case all of our work has been focused on the city dweller. Our design is based on functional criteria up to the point where it respects harmony, aesthetics, comfort and warmth. We find it challenging to harmonize different wishes and style into one creation. Our natural tendency is to work with quality natural materials whenever possible.

Our expertise is the maximization of every meter available without compromising on the feeling of space in the critical spaces. We offer our clients the broad understanding of the urban space for complete projects to interior decoration to the smallest details. Led by Arch. David S. Duek we offer you new urban plan services, building licensing, renovation planning and supervision. Personal detail and attention is the trademark of all our projects.


With more than a decade’s track record in record breaking deals and solid investment opportunities in Israel and abroad, in a comfortable and professional framework.

Throughout the years we have been bringing our clients investments ahead of time making their performance and profit way beyond expectations.

Our range of services goes from organizing “Group Purchases” and all the way to International Commercial Property investments and now investments in the profitable and revolutionizing Tama 38 projects.


Do you own an apartment, but only use it a few times a year? Dwell Property Management will maximize the profits from your property without the hassle.

Our team will find and pre-qualify the right tenant, handle all contracts, collect payments, and ensure that your property is cared for. If any maintenance issues arise we will coordinate all repairs on your behalf. In addition, we will handle all billing for your property; including but not limited to:

Arnona (municipal tax), water, gas, electric, Vaad Bayit (maintenance fees), Etc.

We will use our experience, network, professional relationships, and track record to maximize your profit and ability to relax.

Allow us to go to work for you, because we do it DWELL!!


The right choice

Arch. David S. Duek founder and CEO of DWELL, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Graduate in Jerusalem, served as architect/planner for the greater part of the city center and other historical neighbourhoods on behalf of the Jerusalem Municipality. In addition he was chosen to be the sole exterior advisor to the municipality for quality of design aspect. His ground zero experience in Project Management whether from the tenant coordination angle or the architectural/planning aspect makes him an excellent all-round developer and manager in Tama 38 projects.


"El haberme encontrado con Dwell y su equipo de colaboradores me hizo posible conseguir un trato preferencial en un desarrollo que tuvo gracias a Dios un muy buen futuro" “Having found DWELL and their team of collaborators made it possible to have a preferential treatment in a development that thanks G-d had an excellent future. Hugs and see you soon”
“Working with Mr. Dwek was a real pleasure. He is a consummate professional. We benefited from his strong insights into the Jerusalem market trends and apartments. His commitment and reliability saw us through to the closing of the deal. His honesty and integrity leaves us highly recommending his services.”.
"David makes the impossible happen. There were many times when I thought my sale would fall through but somehow David always found a solution. He never gives up and is a pleasure to work with."
"The apartment is beautiful and the location superb. What made a real difference was DWELL'S Manager. He replied almost in real-time with every question and took pride in providing a high-quality service. I would definitely stay here again or recommend it to others, without hesitation. The building is staffed by lovely men at reception who made jokes with my son and were great with him. Being so near the Souk is great. I was at the Marzipan Bakery every day for their famous rugelach and coming back with freshly squeezed juice for breakfast."
"THANK YOU! ​ It is wonderful having you there. I appreciate how conscientious you have been taking care of the apartment… a great relief for me to have you there being my eyes and ears."
"First and foremost, I have to say that DWELL'S manager was one of the best Airbnb hosts we've interacted with. He's extremely responsive to our questions and requests, no matter the time of day (or night!!!). Rest assured that you will be taken care of before you even arrive in Jerusalem. As for the apartment, it is spacious, clean, and very comfortable. When we did run into some issues (like not knowing how to use some of the appliances) the manager was always there to help. We would definitely stay here again when we return to Jerusalem!"

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