How is an Ebus going to affect your real estate?

  • 4 years ago
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Did you realize that there are a few Ebus (electrical bus) lines swishing through Jerusalem?

Personally I have seen them and have been dreaming of electric buses coming to Jerusalem for a looong time.

I even spoke with the Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Leon about it. He said it has nothing to do with the Municipality, it has to do with Egged.

So Kudos to Egged that actually took the step forward and is running Line 15 in Jerusalem with 25 new Ebuses!

Jerusalem is the Ebus avant-guard in all of Israel. Tel Aviv and other cities are running some very minimal pilots.

Hopefully and eventually Egged it will make a 100% electric fleet not just in Jerusalem but throughout the whole country!

Anyone that lives next to the path of a bus line knows how noisy and smoky it can get, especially if they are running uphill, stopping, accelerating or announcing the destination. Truly a big nuisance, not to mention the exhaust left behind.

You don’t have to be too smart to understand that this phenomenon occurring next to residential property causes a significant markdown in the price. The map below shows about a quarter of Jerusalem’s bus lines. There are at least a thousand of kilometers of bus lines. If there are about 500 hundred residential units in each kilometer, therefore there are at least 250,000 units affected by noise and exhaust. I estimate the damage is at least 25 billion NIS (7.2 billion US).

When all the lines get upgraded to Ebuses we will all have the residents of Jerusalem will have gained that money and more important than that, a much quieter and cleaner environment!

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