Timing is Key

  • 5 years ago
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If you want to buy a property in TLV whether it’s a small Pied-à-terre or a luxurious PH, this might be the right time for you.


Well, according to the OECD economic survey of Israel, published in March, limited real estate supply and strong demand are some of the reasons Israel’s housing prices are high and continue to rise.

But, unlike they did up until 2016. Strong regulations on foreign investment, raising taxes and a strong shekel have prevented a lot of people from actually buying and that’s why the amount of deals done in the last 2 years has decreased by 40%!

Therefore if you don’t have any problems bringing money to Israel and you’re willing to pay the extra taxes this is the time because as soon as one of these factors is changed or an overriding factor appears, (like antisemitism abroad), the prices are going to burst like water in a dam.

The local demand is constantly amounting and many foreigners are waiting to see if something will change. 

It will, prices are going to skyrocket.

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