Sell smarter from being knowledgeable beforehand and not from experience:

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Before you put your property on the market check the following points:

– Do you have to pay Hetel Hashbacha? (zoning related)

– Do you have to pay “Mas shevach” (personal status)?
– Is all the surface you’re are selling registered in Tabu (title)

– If so do you know how much?

The proper calculation of this taxes can be an eye-opening process and may even change your decision whether to sell your property or not.

It may also be a good idea to know of any discrepancies in the surface measurement between the amount registered and the actual surface.

At the end of the day the price will not be the same for registered surface and not.

Your buyer’s bank (if issuing a mortgage) will not always consider unregistered surface as part of the property and therefore will not finance it.

Your buyer might not be authorized the amount he/she was counting on and may not be able to follow through with the purchase.

How can you prepare for this eventualities? Ideally have a professional surveyor survey your property or do some homework and see what the zoning in you land is and check what your taxes will end up being or with a calculator like the one below.

Government –

Commercial –

If you want to know of other important aspects before selling your property we’ll be more than happy to inform with no obligation.

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