Is the imploded bubble period, a good time to buy in Israel?

  • 5 years ago
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Well, in general the last couple of decades have proven that buying property in Israel has been profitable in the middle and long term.

Zooming in to today’s market what does the future have in store for us? The property market has been artificially chocked by tax increments and an obstacle ridden track for foreign buyers to bring their monies and invest. 

The Israeli market is going through an imploded bubble.

It’s like a dam holding the pressure. The natural demand in Israel has not only not decreased but it has increased in real numbers. Behavior-wise the demand has decreased because sellers and buyers are waiting on the sidelines, to see what will happen in the coming elections with the almost certain new Minister of the Treasury. Once the situation stabilizes anew the market will re-surge, buyers will renew their search, demand will jump up and prices will rise. You decide.

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